Road Trip @ 2625 mph!!!

Over the Thanksgiving break the wife and I headed back to Ohio to indulge in some over-eating festivities. I picked up a window mount for our Canon 70D DSLR a week or so back, and a re-timer a few weeks before that. I mounted the camera to the windscreen and we were off, pretty simple... Continue Reading →

Grenada – Panoramic photography

This image was photographed at dusk with the Sigma DG lens at 70mm, from Diana Yohannan's backyard. In order to get consistent lighting I used aperture priority and set three brackets to step one ev up and down for the shot. After several hours of stitching and colour correcting my computer became very taxed while... Continue Reading →

Grenada – Foliage

Additional pictures that accompany the post below, these photos came thanks to my Grandmother's and friends amazing gardens in Grenada. Full size images for sale, please use the contact page for pricing.

Grenada – Macro Lens

For many years I've snapped photos on CG commercial shoots but lately I've had the pleasure of trying out different types of photography on my own time. During a recent visit to Grenada I used a Canon 20D camera and a SigmaDG 70-300mm lens with a macro switch, a feature I had never played with... Continue Reading →

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