Rocket Treatment & Breakdown

This is an update to my previous post, Rocket Sims with Maya Fluids - work has been pretty busy lately and I needed a distraction from my current workload. What better way than taking an initial idea and pushing it a bit further. Since I had created a stylistic solution that was starting to feel... Continue Reading →

Multipass Rendering and Compositing

Until starting at my current job I had forgotten a lot about Mental Ray but it's now back in my life again. Since 2008 I've usually had a copy of arch_and_design.pdf on the desktop of all of my workstations, but at my current job it's not that simple. There are loads of useful tips in... Continue Reading →

Wireframe to beauty render

I was asked at work recently to create some stills for an upcoming event. I wanted to show the transition from a finished rendering to wireframe using a simple blend between the two. While working on the renders I was trying to find a way to create an object ID pass from the "Render Passes"... Continue Reading →

Camera Chaser – a bit of MEL…

Repetitive tasks never bothered me in the past, to an extent... Maybe it's age that's causing me to reevaluate tasks that sometimes took several minutes to setup and just fix it with a small script. I started my current job 8 months back, along with using Mental Ray again. Like all renderers you get your... Continue Reading →

Proof of Concept

This proof of concept was the beginning of a project that was to incorporate Maxwell for the beauty renders and Mental Ray for the secondary passes such as reflections, shadows, depth and motion vectors. This was a test to see if I could get the depth of field to work in post rather then capturing... Continue Reading →

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