Super Volcano

The final video has finally been approved for release. Was a fun five week project that really allowed me to dig deeper into Houdini's fluid solvers. I must admit it's very hard to go back and use Maya's fluid solver afterwards, there is just no comparison.

Volcanic Destruction

An update from my Ka-plume post, I'm able to post stills from the Smithsonian project as the show has been put on hold for now. I was tasked with creating 13 animating smoke plumes in total, light, texture and render them, track shots in PFTrack for integration, animate, texture and light an SUV, roto live... Continue Reading →

Toggle Object – MEL script

Every artist has their arsenal of scripts and tools that they use on a daily basis, here is the Toggle Object script I use all the time for modeling. I'll post more soon - after looking at my code I realized I should probably do some house cleanup on them before posting so they're a... Continue Reading →


I recently finished some work for the Smithsonian creating smoke plumes in Houdini for an upcoming show. It gave me a chance to play with size, speed and scale while also testing out Mantra, Houdini's native renderer. These were some early tests to R&D control and get an idea of sim times, will post more... Continue Reading →

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