particleToCurve was the original script to particleToBubble and particleToTube as I wanted to maintain a raw version that I could edit for future script ideas. This original version only creates the curve generated by the particles frame by frame movement in world-space. The locator has been attached with the pathAnimation command (but this could be... Continue Reading →


This video is speed ramped to show the process of laying in a surface emitter and demonstrating the use of the script. For now the script is looking for nParticle1 which is the default name Maya gives a nParticle, I'll fix this so that its any particle selected. Life got a little tied up with... Continue Reading →

Concept all the space things

Just thought I would share a sketch of some rockets I've been playing with. All the rockets were sketched up in Mischief and then exported into psd layers for Photoshop. The stars and galaxies were made in Photoshop using a few filters. I'll update more at a later point with progress of the game.

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