Here's another script based off particleToCurve which extrudes a tube. This script will create a curve and then create a disk with one internal face. The nice thing about the disk being created with a nurbs circle lofted, is that when the construction history is left on you have the ability to add control vertices... Continue Reading →


This video is speed ramped to show the process of laying in a surface emitter and demonstrating the use of the script. For now the script is looking for nParticle1 which is the default name Maya gives a nParticle, I'll fix this so that its any particle selected. Life got a little tied up with... Continue Reading →

Maya 2016 pro tip!

Here's a pro tip - well maybe not, but here's one that saved me a lot of time with an oddball situation setting up Maya 2016 on my workstation. Following the release of 2016 I was dreading the move to the new interface. In the last decade and a half most of Maya's new features... Continue Reading →


As usual my life/work balance has been crazy and there has been little time to work on my own personal projects. For a while I've wanted to create a post-apocalyptic scene with some footage, a few roughed up buildings, spaceships, and things on fire - luckily I've had a few evening hours lately to get... Continue Reading →


The head of development at my studio said I should get a Github account to post my scripts, here it is, more scripts to come. "Github is a web-based Git repository hosting service, which offers all of the distributed revision control and source code management (SCM) functionality of Git as well as adding its own... Continue Reading →

Concept all the space things

Just thought I would share a sketch of some rockets I've been playing with. All the rockets were sketched up in Mischief and then exported into psd layers for Photoshop. The stars and galaxies were made in Photoshop using a few filters. I'll update more at a later point with progress of the game.

AE or Natron

Returning to the US I've been thrown back into the world of timeline-based compositing packages - they're great! Well, I say that while biting my cheek of course, I don't like the hidden compositions or scrolling down 400+ layers to find the one layer that needs tweaking. Then someone will tell you to turn on... Continue Reading →

Road Trip @ 2625 mph!!!

Over the Thanksgiving break the wife and I headed back to Ohio to indulge in some over-eating festivities. I picked up a window mount for our Canon 70D DSLR a week or so back, and a re-timer a few weeks before that. I mounted the camera to the windscreen and we were off, pretty simple... Continue Reading →

Rocket Treatment & Breakdown

This is an update to my previous post, Rocket Sims with Maya Fluids - work has been pretty busy lately and I needed a distraction from my current workload. What better way than taking an initial idea and pushing it a bit further. Since I had created a stylistic solution that was starting to feel... Continue Reading →

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