As usual my life/work balance has been crazy and there has been little time to work on my own personal projects. For a while I've wanted to create a post-apocalyptic scene with some footage, a few roughed up buildings, spaceships, and things on fire - luckily I've had a few evening hours lately to get... Continue Reading →

Rocket sims with Maya fluids

With the new machine put together, Maya 2015 installed, and some down time, I thought I should try out some of Maya's new features as well as the new cpu horsepower. Unfortunately there weren't any obvious updates to the fluids system in this version as Bifrost, Xgen, and Bullet stole most of the thunder in... Continue Reading →

New Computer! :D

It's been a long time since I bugged the wife about a new computer, but it was once again the time to start nagging. Thanks to the Turkey-Day holiday deals I was able to finally make that purchase. I went in expecting to buy a processor from the now older x79 chipset generation, but to... Continue Reading →

Brochure Stills

I've mentioned in previous posts that I was working on some wireframe and fully rendered beauty passes at work, here is one that has been released. The two images are part of a few brochures that we are releasing at my company for our upcoming 3D Fair. I've had a few people ask what kind... Continue Reading →

Toggle Object – MEL script

Every artist has their arsenal of scripts and tools that they use on a daily basis, here is the Toggle Object script I use all the time for modeling. I'll post more soon - after looking at my code I realized I should probably do some house cleanup on them before posting so they're a... Continue Reading →

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