Rocket Treatment & Breakdown

This is an update to my previous post, Rocket Sims with Maya Fluids - work has been pretty busy lately and I needed a distraction from my current workload. What better way than taking an initial idea and pushing it a bit further. Since I had created a stylistic solution that was starting to feel... Continue Reading →

Rocket sims with Maya fluids

With the new machine put together, Maya 2015 installed, and some down time, I thought I should try out some of Maya's new features as well as the new cpu horsepower. Unfortunately there weren't any obvious updates to the fluids system in this version as Bifrost, Xgen, and Bullet stole most of the thunder in... Continue Reading →

Super Volcano

The final video has finally been approved for release. Was a fun five week project that really allowed me to dig deeper into Houdini's fluid solvers. I must admit it's very hard to go back and use Maya's fluid solver afterwards, there is just no comparison.


I recently finished some work for the Smithsonian creating smoke plumes in Houdini for an upcoming show. It gave me a chance to play with size, speed and scale while also testing out Mantra, Houdini's native renderer. These were some early tests to R&D control and get an idea of sim times, will post more... Continue Reading →

Milk splash with wireframe

I accomplished this shot in Realflow 4 and composited it in Nuke. The sim is actually 3 separate simulations, one to get the shape of the body another to get the tendrils, and a third to get more individual particles flying out. The body and tendril sims were meshed together while I left the extra... Continue Reading →

Viscosity Test

A simple animation of different viscous liquids being poured into a glass. It also allowed me to test the sub-surface scattering options in Maxwell render.

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