Test run with Maya MASH


With the wife so busy lately putting together her website I’ve had some time to download Maya 2016 ext 2 and play with the new MASH system.
I’m still very much in the learning stage so not a lot to say other than you should have a play with it, it’s super powerful and a lot more fun than writing endless (and sometimes complex) expressions to achieve simple tasks in MASH.

2 thoughts on “Test run with Maya MASH

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  1. Let me just start off by saying how awesome this looks, and well done on this piece ( especially for a quick test ) I have a question : how on earth did you get all those cubes to uniformly form that V letter? I’ve been trying to animate something similar but I cannot get my cubes to perfectly form the word I want, let alone a single letter like you managed to do. How did you get your cubes to behave? I’ve tried flooding the mesh in the MASH distribute options, but in all the different options of distribution ( scatter, face center, etc) the cubes lie on top of eachother and look very messy and unaligned, please let me know your secrets!

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    1. Hey– It’s been so long now I can’t remember. I will have a look for the file and see what I can come up with. Since it’s just a test file I can send it to you if that would help, just send an email and I’ll archive up the scene.


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