Popping Bubbles In Maya


This post is an update to particlesToBubble which was a script that would build nCloth bubbles from a particle system. The new version isn’t finished yet but here is one of the R&D tests I just finished. This is currently only using one Alembic cache to process the 200+ bubble systems with 36 bubbles per system running with a random offset. The repetition is noticeable but this could be offset by a longer cache or multiple caches. One of the more interesting tests was figuring out how to capture the nCloth tear into a cache file since the nCloth shape layer has ever changing vertex values. I will post more about the process soon as well as the python script, but for now here is a quick playblast of the progress so far.

4 thoughts on “Popping Bubbles In Maya

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  1. Hello,

    I am trying to figure out the specifics on making the bubble nParticles pop. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thank You,
    Martha Kelly


    1. Hey Martha– I sent you an e-mail with some tips, if that didn’t help please let me know and I can break it down a bit more.



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