particleToCurve was the original script to particleToBubble and particleToTube as I wanted to maintain a raw version that I could edit for future script ideas. This original version only creates the curve generated by the particles frame by frame movement in world-space. The locator has been attached with the pathAnimation command (but this could be removed very easily if needed).

In a future release I would like to be able to grab the start of the curve and have it follow the extrusion along to the end, but it looks like a bigger hack than initially expected. I need to read up more on subCurves and all of the functionality but I suspect this won’t work either. Another idea is to duplicate the created curve and reverse it using the subCurve on the duplicated reversed curve, have it control the front of the extruded object, and drive it towards the end. Option three might be to scrap all of the above, create a tube with a large amount of spans, attach it to the curve and use Flow Path Object to deform it to the curve. A cheat but who can tell, right? I’m posting this while on holiday in New Zealand so I’ll have to come back to it next week 🙂

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