Maya 2016 pro tip!

Here’s a pro tip – well maybe not, but here’s one that saved me a lot of time with an oddball situation setting up Maya 2016 on my workstation.

Following the release of 2016 I was dreading the move to the new interface. In the last decade and a half most of Maya’s new features have never really warranted a reason for me to keep up to date with the most recent version, but with the new DX11 shaders and GPU accelerated animation (for skinning and rigs) my hand was forced this time around.
Anyway enough ranting… let’s get to the tip right?

After installing Maya 2016 recently I immediately noticed that I couldn’t find the open scene, reference editor, or hypershade windows, but everything else opened over the main application, all centered as per every fresh install for as long as I can remember. I tried all the usual moves to find the missing windows – restoring them, editing my preferences, even forcing the windows to open in a screen area I knew would work by editing the MEL. I reset prefs, re-installed Maya and still got nothing. I finally hopped on to DLF (Digital Labours Federation) and asked if anyone else had come across this issue. One person suggested hitting WINDOWS plus the left and right arrow keys immediately after selecting the missing window, and voila – the missing window popped up to the far side of my screen. I’ve never encountered this issue before, and haven’t seen it on any other 2016 installs either. So if you hit this snag give it a shot, it was a life saver.

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