As usual my life/work balance has been crazy and there has been little time to work on my own personal projects. For a while I’ve wanted to create a post-apocalyptic scene with some footage, a few roughed up buildings, spaceships, and things on fire – luckily I’ve had a few evening hours lately to get back into the swing of things. I had some old footage laying around from a helicopter shoot which I threw into PFTrack and got a solid track within a hour. I also managed to split the foreground, mid-ground and background plates into separated layers for post with a few chroma-keys and rotos. I’ll post a break down when I’m further along.

I started looking for spacecraft reference online and soon realized that I really just wanted something simple as this wasn’t going to hero the ship. I landed on the ship from Oblivion, simple shapes that had an elegant and sophisticated structure so I could have a bit of fun modeling. This also gave me the opportunity to play with some of the new Maya modeling tools as it’s been several months since I’ve done any extensive modeling.


The model holds a similar shape to the one used in the film but not wanting to recreate an exact copy I pushed the shapes a bit further. This is still a very rough model, no textures yet, as I’m more interested in focusing on some of the intricate parts of hard surface modeling with the hull. Hopefully I’ll have some time in the next week to push it a bit further.

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