Road Trip @ 2625 mph!!!


Over the Thanksgiving break the wife and I headed back to Ohio to indulge in some over-eating festivities. I picked up a window mount for our Canon 70D DSLR a week or so back, and a re-timer a few weeks before that. I mounted the camera to the windscreen and we were off, pretty simple really. I just wanted to see how long the camera would last and if it could continuously shoot 2 second bursts for 6 of the 7 hour drive. Only 6 because the battery ran out and died about 45 minutes out from my parents house. I time-remapped the video so that it wasn’t as painful to watch as the drive, and according to my calculations, assuming I did the maths right, this is what it would look like at 2625 mph. ha. I wasn’t sure if the 64GB SD card could handle 9141 RAW images so I set it to 3k jpeg instead.

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