The simplest O.C….. EVER!

O.C. Button

I’ve built computers for over 15 years now and in that time have only over-clocked 2 computers, and to be honest I’m surprised I didn’t destroy them in the process. I generally don’t care to O.C. because with my profession I push my machines to the limit, and usually for extended periods of time. O.C’ing just kills the lifespan of your hardware and I’m never sure when my next build will be.

After getting my new rig I decided that I did want to O.C. at some point, so I started looking up setting multipliers and reseting voltages on memory in order to squeeze every penny out of the components I had just bought. The other morning I woke up early and found a Gigabyte tech talk on my motherboard. Half-way through talk the guy turned the board around and said something about over-clocking for people that don’t over-clock and immediately he had my attention. He pushed an O.C. button and said, “…simple as that!”. Of course after hearing this I ran to my computer, set up a render, and watched the verbose come back with 5 minutes 3 seconds. I restarted the machine, pushed the O.C. button, loaded the same scene and frame and hit render… 3 minutes and 47 seconds! Best button ever!!!

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