Playing around with Mischief


With all the icon/achievement/button work I’ve been doing lately I started having a look for vector base illustrating applications. There are a lot out there but not all of them lived up to the hype for production use.
The Foundry acquired Mischief several months back and over Christmas started posting USD$20 holiday deals – obviously I couldn’t say no and have been busy trying it out. The two best features are ‘infinite canvas’ and ‘infinite zoom’, with the latter keeping the image crisp no matter how close I zoom. This was my first go at playing around with it, a very simple interface and easy to use tools. There are no techy features like masks, alphas, or filters, just digital pen and paper.

I started a 3D project about 4 years ago in the hopes to create a few little animations with all the characters from the Moomintroll stories. Alas I parked it (no surprise here), but have been itching to re-look at some of it. Moomintroll is a character created by Tove Jansson, a Finnish author who wrote a series of children’s books starting in the late 40’s. Several years ago I found one of the books on my wife’s bookshelf, kept from her childhood, and I started reading it.

This was a quick 30 minute sketch to play around with the pens, brushes and the color palette. Hopefully writing this post will encourage me to revamp this project in the near future.

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