New Computer! :D

It’s been a long time since I bugged the wife about a new computer, but it was once again the time to start nagging. Thanks to the Turkey-Day holiday deals I was able to finally make that purchase. I went in expecting to buy a processor from the now older x79 chipset generation, but to my surprise Micro Center was having such a great deal that it was actually more cost effective to get a new 3.3ghz i-7 5820k 2011v-3 processor. I also wanted 64 gigs of ram, but the new x99 chipset only supports DDR4, and as it’s still the most pricey item at the moment, I opted for 32GB – can’t complain. Though one odd note about DDR4 that I haven’t found in the forums yet is how to install it correctly. There is a clip on only one side, whereas in the past it had clips on both sides of the stick to lock it in. Thankfully a colleague of mine at work had already dealt with similar issues and told me how to slide it in and lock it down.
I’ll officially never go back to spinning drives. I bought two Samsung 850 PRO 256GB drives and can boot the machine and have Maya open in under 45 seconds (assuming I don’t screw up my password…). I had done little research on the new chipsets so went with the Gigabyte X99-UD5 WIFI mobo recommended by my trusty salesperson. It works great but with being so new there are of course a few bugs with the bios, which thankfully Gigabyte is releasing fixes for almost every fortnight.

While I write this I’m running a Maya fluids simulation, comping in After Effects, doing “work” in potatoshop, and I haven’t crashed or slowed down once. Awesome!

Many thanks to my friend Nick for keeping the wife company in Micro Centre while I spent an hour loading up a cart and buying all the pieces.

Here are a few pics from the build:






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