Multipass Rendering and Compositing


Until starting at my current job I had forgotten a lot about Mental Ray but it’s now back in my life again. Since 2008 I’ve usually had a copy of arch_and_design.pdf on the desktop of all of my workstations, but at my current job it’s not that simple. There are loads of useful tips in here, what I mainly use it for can be found on pages 49 and 50. The pictures are a nice touch too.

For anyone using other renderers out there another useful source I often look for is SphereVFX Multipass Rendering and Compositing. You’ll notice on nVidia’s docs, page 50, it calls the last two passes ‘trans_result’ and ‘add_result’, which are not listed in the passes section of Mental Ray. Have a look on and you’ll see that they are referred to as ‘Incandescent’ and ‘Scatter’ – those are useful and can be found in the passes section.

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