Brochure Stills

I've mentioned in previous posts that I was working on some wireframe and fully rendered beauty passes at work, here is one that has been released. The two images are part of a few brochures that we are releasing at my company for our upcoming 3D Fair. I've had a few people ask what kind... Continue Reading →

Multipass Rendering and Compositing

Until starting at my current job I had forgotten a lot about Mental Ray but it's now back in my life again. Since 2008 I've usually had a copy of arch_and_design.pdf on the desktop of all of my workstations, but at my current job it's not that simple. There are loads of useful tips in... Continue Reading →

Wireframe to beauty render

I was asked at work recently to create some stills for an upcoming event. I wanted to show the transition from a finished rendering to wireframe using a simple blend between the two. While working on the renders I was trying to find a way to create an object ID pass from the "Render Passes"... Continue Reading →

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