Bottle Jack Press

I’ve done a lot of traveling these last couple months but have finally had time to finish up a project that’s been on the back burner for some time. About 2 years ago my wife became interested in creating her own bottle jack printing press, you can find out more here. Our move from New Zealand to the US meant that she would have to leave it behind but there was no stopping her from building another once we landed State-side.

The models are fairly simple and primitive as well as the toon-shaders, but it was the idea of constructing it that interested me. The bungie cords were dynamically rigged originally, and then used as a guide for animation in which I used a joint chain to animate the referenced movement of cables being pulled along in space. The nCloth solver was fun but ultimately there wasn’t enough control to wrap it around a beam and then attach the links into their respected holes.

Many thanks to Patrick Junghans for use of his render farm and my friends Terry and Lernie for their feedback.

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